Technical conditions

The user acknowledges that the portal can be used only in its functional range depending on the type of its registration. The operator holds the ISO27001 certificate, which defines the safety and quality of operation of similar systems. The operator is not obliged to expand the portal with any functionality, it is not liable for damages caused by a possible failure of the portal or for damages incurred during the use of the portal. The operator declares its will to continue developing and improving the portal. The portal is established and is identical to the commercially available e-Verbis system, which the operator continuously develops on the basis of support agreements with hundreds of major institutions. The operator does not guarantee the topicality and factual, content and formal accuracy of the data published on the portal. The operator is not liable for the data it downloads from public databases such as the Union Catalog of the Czech Republic and other sources that may be part of the union catalog at The operator is not liable for the inability to use the portal if the user does not meet the declared technical requirements of the portal (software or hardware). The user is prohibited from testing the security of the portal, breaking through the technical means of the portal and is obliged to notify the operator of any accidental findings without delay. The user must not monitor, restrict or otherwise harass other users. The user agrees to the sending of information about the portal and information related to it. Such information is in particular: information on the outage of the portal, information on significant changes to the portal and on changes to the GTC, security warnings for the user's account, notification of the availability of new features and the like.


The Operator is obliged to keep only the Surname, First name, email address and further data only that the user provides voluntarily and at his own will. When visiting the portal, the operator may collect certain information about the user, such as the IP address, date and time of access to our website, information about your internet browser, operating system or language settings. The operator can also process information about the user's behavior on the portal, ie what links on the portal's website he visits, etc. However, information about your behavior on the website is anonymized for maximum privacy, so the operator cannot assign it to a specific user. If the user accesses the portal from a mobile phone or similar device, we can process the operator information about your mobile device (data about your mobile phone, possible records of application failure, etc.)